Put a Pickup on an Acoustic Guitar

How to Put a Pickup on an Acoustic Guitar?


When it comes to guitar pickups, many people think about some types of acoustic guitar pickups that produce some of the country, metal, jazz, and classic rock tones. However, you still need to learn more about them.

If you want to know how to add a pickup to an acoustic guitar, you need to know what they are. Keep reading this article, we will let you know all the things you should know when putting a pickup on an acoustic guitar.

Reasons to get Acoustic Guitar Pickups

It is essential to amplifier your guitar if you want to play live in larger venues. You should do that even when your guitar is clear and loud by themselves.

We recommend you to add a pickup to your guitar to incorporate great effects to your sounds.

How to Put a Pickup on an Acoustic Guitar

Depending on how often you will use your pickup, you can add it to your device. For some pickups, you need to get a preamp. Moreover, you may need a cutting hole in the box where you can mount the preamp with ease.

It is not difficult to find instruments with internal pickup. Sometimes, you can see the preamp included in the instrument. Also, the instrument may come with a control position. However, you can also see other ones out there. They don’t need installation.

There is a wide range of mics out there. They don’t do certain modifications or change the instruments. Some of them may be sliding at the soundhole center. You can get an excellent acoustic tone from them.

There are a few settings of the preamp. They are designed based on the type of guitar. You can play them with the proper settings for steel strings as well as nylon strings. Sometimes, they come with a USB output that allows you to connect your device to an iPad or iPhone with ease.

Plus, it is simple to remove microphones and pickups if you don’t use them. Therefore, you can share them between various instruments on stage.

The Benefits of Adding Pickup to Acoustic Guitar

When it comes to the best ways to improve the tone of the guitar, we have to talk about pickups. Your guitar sound may become worse when you have a poor pickup. Otherwise, you can get a good sound with great pickups.

A pickup can make a big difference with your sound. However, you also need to remember amps may impact your sound. It is essential to add a pickup to your acoustic guitar since it can impact how your app receives. It can also make your guitar tone better.

How much does it Cost to Add a Pickup to an Acoustic Guitar?

To add a pickup to your acoustic guitar, you will have to pay about $200 to get it. And, it costs about $40 to install it.


Now that you have known more about the pickups for acoustic guitars. Also, we have let you know how to put a pickup to your acoustic guitar. You should consider putting your instrument playing to new levels.

Besides adding pickup, you still have to do more different strategies if you want to improve your performance. We have to admit that a pickup plays an important role in your guitar.

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