Natcats were something that I developed as a result of not being able to have pets in my flat. Each Natcat is individually handmade by myself and no two Natcats are the same. The cats all have their own characters and personalities. They love to have fun and cause mischief.

If you are interested in purchasing a Natcat, Please click here.


The cats also love to travel around the UK and overseas and they have a tendancy to get lost. This summer the cats will be travelling around festivals, markets, parks, cities, beaches you name it.

If you would like the natcats to come to a place near you, then do get in touch - They would LOVE to meet you!

However, the Natcats have a tendency to get lost. When they go on their travels they also carry around a tag with them which includes their name and an 'I'm lost, please look after me' phrase. If you find one then please regisiter the cat as found here and take a photo and upload to social media, so I know that they are ok.


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