The Travelling Natcat

Natcats love to travel and they love to explore, whether it’s by the sea chilling with an ice-cream or going for a long walk in the forest. It doesn’t even have to be far away from home, but sometimes it’s just nice to get out of the house and get some fresh air and sea breeze.

When a Natcat hasn’t left the house in a while they feel as though they might scratch someone’s eyes out or at least the carpets and this is when they get restless and start causing mischief and playing tricks on poor unsuspecting humans. Yes - you shouldn’t leave it more than a few days without taking a Natcat out, although they often like to out by themselves. They’re a new breed of cat that do not fear the unknown and don’t fear venturing outside their territory.

One of the Natcats most recent visits was to Brighton, which they really enjoyed. Quite a contrast from Bournemouth in the sense that there are pebbles on the beaches instead of sand and that there appear to be lots of interesting arty arty peoples about that always know where the best events are happening. The Natcats were spoilt for choice with the amount of bars and pubs there were in Brighton. And even the other cats said that even though they’d been living there for two years there was always a new bar to try and a new pub offering an assortment of craft ales - truly spoilt.

However, it was also a sad time in Brighton as the Beloved Ginger Natcat is no more. After a lovely day out at the ‘Brighton Illustration Fair’, the Natcats decided to take a stroll down the the beach and onto the pier. The sun was shining and it had been a glorious day for the beach. Like any tourist, Ginger was enjoying the sea views from the pier and taking pictures to capture his memory in time. Shortly after taking a selfie he was promptly snatched up and eaten by a hungry and evil seagull and was never seen again. Rest in Peace Ginger. This sad occasion made it seem more poignant than ever that life is short and precious, so enjoy each moment as if it is your last.

To continue the Natcat Adventures, I am looking to send the Natcats on some interesting and exciting adventures, but I need your help...I want to know where the Natcats should go next? Whether it's a particular country or place. I’d love to hear from you. Email me at