The Travelling Natcat

Natcats love to travel and they love to explore, whether it’s by the sea chilling with an ice-cream or going for a long walk in the forest. It doesn’t even have to be far away from home, but sometimes it’s just nice to get out of the house and get some fresh air and sea breeze.

When a Natcat hasn’t left the house in a while they feel as though they might scratch someone’s eyes out or at least the carpets and this is when they get restless and start causing mischief and playing tricks on poor unsuspecting humans. Yes - you shouldn’t leave it more than a few days without taking a Natcat out, although they often like to out by themselves. They’re a new breed of cat that do not fear the unknown and don’t fear venturing outside their territory.

One of the Natcats most recent visits was to Brighton, which they really enjoyed. Quite a contrast from Bournemouth in the sense that there are pebbles on the beaches instead of sand and that there appear to be lots of interesting arty arty peoples about that always know where the best events are happening. The Natcats were spoilt for choice with the amount of bars and pubs there were in Brighton. And even the other cats said that even though they’d been living there for two years there was always a new bar to try and a new pub offering an assortment of craft ales - truly spoilt.

However, it was also a sad time in Brighton as the Beloved Ginger Natcat is no more. After a lovely day out at the ‘Brighton Illustration Fair’, the Natcats decided to take a stroll down the the beach and onto the pier. The sun was shining and it had been a glorious day for the beach. Like any tourist, Ginger was enjoying the sea views from the pier and taking pictures to capture his memory in time. Shortly after taking a selfie he was promptly snatched up and eaten by a hungry and evil seagull and was never seen again. Rest in Peace Ginger. This sad occasion made it seem more poignant than ever that life is short and precious, so enjoy each moment as if it is your last.

To continue the Natcat Adventures, I am looking to send the Natcats on some interesting and exciting adventures, but I need your help...I want to know where the Natcats should go next? Whether it's a particular country or place. I’d love to hear from you. Email me at

A NATCAT abroad

Fleur NATCAT was lucky enough to get the chance to visit the motherland of cats – Egypt. In Egypt, cats are considered sacred and although Egyptians aren’t a nation that typically own pets, they still look after them and feed them. I asked Fleur to write an account of her Egyptian travels to share with all the other NATCATS that were not able to go. The trip was organised by Farida Adventures and Fleur can do nothing but praise them.


The first day of my holiday…Excited! Finally going to meet the ultimate felines – I got my bags packed and off to Heathrow in my private taxi. After I checked in I sipped a couple of cat-tails in the lounge bar, after nabbing myself some gin and eye liner in the duty-free.

The flight was a breeze…I mean I don’t remember much of it as I must have downed two or three beers before take off so I think I had a much-needed catnap. We were to be arriving very late into Egypt and I had to be on top form. After checking into the hotel and unpacking my furs I got straight to my 1 litre bottle of duty-free gin and sank a few to drown out all that beeping and commotion from all the cars and the people from the streets down below.  Not seen too many kitties so far, but I’m sure they’re around basking in the shadows. It seems Cairo never sleeps. Night for meow.

 Day 2:

Feeling refreshed I helped myself to tasty morsel at breakfast. No fish but they got some pretty nice cat foods here and also some nice pastries. I’m staying at the Grand Hotel, Downtown in Cairo. First things first, to learn some C’Arabic so I can honour my felines in meowy politeness. Shukran! Enjoyed a tasty falafel down the road from the hotel and a refreshingly lemony beverage. Walking down the streets everyone seems so welcoming, although the other cats are still scarce. Dogs galore right now.

 In the afternoon I arrived to the studio of costume designer Eman Zaki!!! Can’t wait to get my paws on some of these outfits. The beading is incredible and the furs will make your tail swish. I tried on many outfits, but they were a bit out my price range as I blew most of my money on some catnip before I flew out, but I got a few selfies all the same.

Met some of felines outside the studio. They seemed pleased to see me, but were to busy guarding their rubbish heap to meow for too long.I ended the day by watching some belly dance whilst drinking a pint of Egyptian stellar. Great day! Ended the evening with some tea and a mint Sheesha.


Day 3:

Today I had an intense two-hour belly-dancing lesson. If you ask me I found it quite hard to stand on my hind legs for that long, but an amazing Japanese dancer Kasumi taught me and got me rolling my tummy and tail all over the place. After the dance class, I got my first chance to shake paws with a beautiful puss puss named Ed, although I’m not sure he knew what to make of me.

At lunch-time I got to try a whole load of Egyptian cuisine, still no fishes but I particularly liked this spicy salad with fried bread. Not the best diet for a NATCAT, but hey I’m on holiday.

Spent the afternoon relaxing on a Faluka boat on the nile. Despite the lack of wind it was a nice relaxing afternoon for me to have a sleep in the sun and look at all the fishes in the water and the views across Cairo.


Day 4:

OMG! Best day so far at the Pyramids! Lucky for me I had my own private guide Nibal, as there is virtually no information once you’re there. It was certainly a surreal sight - they almost don’t seem real. Even got to make friendys with the Sphinx, but he was quite shy. My paws did so much walking that day in the heat, so it was nice in the afternoon to get to lie down and lather my furs in some Egyptian smellies and lap up some sugar cane juice. I bagged myself a good deal in the papyrus shop and picked up a beautiful portrait of a puss puss all covered in gold.

In the evening I went to see some beautiful and atmospheric El Tanoura dance near the Al-Khalili, which almose hypnotized me. Only slightly annoying thing were the other silly catz taking pictures evry 2 secs and not actually watching the dance - very distracting, probably for the dancers too! Met some kittys in the souk , I though some of them could do with a wash as they had dust all on their furs. Polished the evening off with a takeaway pizza and a beer at the hotel. Classy.

Day 5:

Went to the Egyptian Museum today and was absolutely staggered by the amount of artefacts, but also by how old everything was. Spotted some more sphinxes and kitty statues and even a kitty mummy. Would love to go back there and spend more time looking at the sacred felines. Had a coffee and chatted to the museum cats, who were lazing in the sun.

After lunch I was went up the Cairo Tower to marvel at the views across Cairo. Not sure I’d be able to land on my paws from that height. Had a refreshing lemon drink from round the corner of the hotel – just what you need in the afternoon

Finally had some tasty fish at a posh hotel this evening whilst watching some singers and a Brazillian dancer. Even had another Sheesha. Could barely keep my eyes open by the end of the night as it was almost 3am by the time I got to bed.


Day 6:

Had a lie in today then went off to Al azhar park where I had a chilled morning walking round the park and making friends with the cats in the café, although I think they were eyeing up my lunch. They were very well groomed.

After Lunch I took a taxi to the Souk to do a spot of shopping. Bought myself a little waistcoat jacket with jingly bits on it. Made friends with lots of cats here. Even saw some newly born kitties in a little cardboard box. They were all rather friendly and welcoming.

In the evening I stuffed myself full of food and and stellar on the BIue Nile – a stationary boat where we watched a lovely flowing belly dancer. Shame about the fake boobs and Botox.

Day 7:

Last day already. Went on a camel in the desert, which was rather fun. My camel behaved himself and I didn’t fall off. Spent the afternoon getting a hamam, which gave my furs a nice wash, but I did get a bit slippy and slidy on my paws All in all a great holiday. Met some great felines and I can't wait to go back to Egypt again